What is the Proper Way of Washing Your Hair?

Going too long without adequately washing your hair promotes the growth and accumulation of lice and fungi. This is exacerbated when you keep hair products (such as combs, hair towels, and brushes) in a damp area and then use them. Also, when washing your hair, don’t apply conditioner directly to the roots of your hair. Instead, rinse your hair well before you use conditioner and choose the right shampoo for your hair length.

Choosing The Right Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo and conditioner for your hair, consider your hair length. Your hair length is not the same as its diameter. If you have thin hair, you can see your scalp easily. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you can barely see it. Identifying your hair type and length can help you choose a suitable hair product, and watching Function of Beauty reviews can help you decide.

Avoiding Putting Conditioner on The Roots of Your Hair

When conditioning your hair, you should apply conditioner from the mid-length to the tips of your hair. If you use conditioner on the roots, it can cause lank, greasy hair on top. In addition, the conditioner will likely make your hair more suitable at the ends than at the roots, making it look flat and unattractive. 

Similarly, shampoo it down if you have dry hair and condition it closer to the roots. Applying conditioner to the roots can weigh down your hair and cause greasy roots. So, paying close attention to your hair type and conditioning it on these parts is essential.

Washing Hair

Rinsing Thoroughly Before Applying Conditioner

Before you apply conditioner, make sure you rinse your hair well. A clarifying shampoo is ideal, as it removes product residue from your scalp. Hard water and oily hair require a clarifying shampoo. Hard water contains inorganic ions, which can build up on your scalp. If you rinse your hair thoroughly, the conditioner will slide right off your hair. Moreover, the cold water will close your hair’s pores and cuticles, leaving your locks soft and shiny.

Once you’ve applied the conditioner, be sure to rinse out your hair thoroughly. Some shampoos require you to rinse your hair several times before getting maximum benefits. But, if you’re using a deep conditioner, you must leave it on for longer. The recommended time is one to three minutes. Rinsing your hair thoroughly before applying conditioner can also save you time in the shower. In addition, it can help you finish your battery without having to waste time styling your hair.

Choosing a Dry Shampoo

Choosing a dry shampoo for your hair can revive limp hair, banish oily scalps, and boost voluminous roots. Dry shampoo works with little or no water and promises to keep hair fresh, clean, and manageable until your next wash day. 

Unlike traditional shampoo, the dry shampoo contains natural ingredients, like wheat germ, which are suitable for your hair. Natural ingredients are also great for your scalp and can prevent hair from becoming oily. In addition, many dry shampoos contain ingredients that are good for your scalp and don’t cause any damage. While dry shampoo may seem like an unnecessary step, it should be used in conjunction with regular shampooing to help remove product buildup and keep your hair clean.