Best Barber Techniques for Men

A well-groomed man’s ultimate goal is to find the best barber for the best haircut. These days, men are more concerned about their appearance and how they look.

Men have difficulty choosing the right style for different occasions due to all the trendy hairstyles. They tend to just choose the haircut they think suits them best or the same hairstyle they have always worn.

The best barbershops should know the basics of haircutting men to ensure a great experience. The four fundamental techniques of haircutting for men that every barber must know are the foundations of the haircut.

This article will discuss the four main techniques for haircutting, and how to properly execute them.

You might wonder, “Why do I need to learn this stuff when I can just sit back and let the barber do his job?” Simple. This will allow you to distinguish between the highly-skilled barber and those who are not.

Do you really want an inexperienced barber touching your hair?

This content is perfect for any barber, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional.

These are the Four Basic Haircutting Techniques

These techniques can be used with a pair of scissors, scissors combs, and clippers.

  • Scissors over Fingers Haircutting Technique

Layering horizontal or vertical sections of hair with the scissors over fingers technique is possible. This technique can be used with any type of pair of scissors, depending on the length of your hair. This technique is applicable to all hair sections.

You can do this by cutting your hair across the top of your fingers and placing your palm up. In the following sections, we will discuss the proper technique for performing this technique.

  • Scissors over Comb Haircutting Technique

A comb is an essential tool in any barbershop. Similar to layering your horizontal and vertical hair sections with scissors, but on shorter hair. This technique can also be used to create shapes in the side area.

This technique uses the comb to lift hair and guide the scissors when cutting the hair. The scissors over comb method creates a softer hairstyle.

  • Clipper over Comb Haircutting Technique

This is the most important skill for cutting hair. The technique works in the same way as the scissors over the comb, except that a clipper can be used. This technique results in a more shaved style than the scissors over comb.

The area of hair that the barber is working on will determine the size of the comb and clipper. Also, the hair texture and length of the client’s hair will be taken into consideration. This technique can also be used to create a variety of hair finishes depending on the size of the blade and the cutter.

This hairstyle is great for cutting thick hair and achieving a uniform and even cut. The clipper-over-comb technique trims your exterior hair evenly and stimulates hair growth.

  • The Blade on Skin Haircutting Method

This technique is used to outline and finish a haircut using a pair or clipper. This technique can be used on tapered or faded haircuts.

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You can use this technique with a pair of scissors in the following areas.

  • It’s used to define the temple area and forehead for shorter haircuts.
  • In the perimeter of a haircut, the blade on skin technique can also be used. This includes shaving the hair on your back.
  • This technique can also be used by barbers to reduce the length of bangs.
  • You can also use this technique around your ears to create a neat outline.

This technique can also be used in the above areas with the help of a finishing cutter.

You now know the basics of the techniques and the differences between them. Now it is time to learn the steps and tips for how they are actually done.

We promise that the steps will be easy and straightforward. Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Guide – How to Apply Four Basic Haircutting Techniques

The most important tools for achieving a neat and tidy haircut are a pair of scissors and a clipper. Below are the steps for performing the four most basic haircutting techniques.

  • Scissors Over Fingers Haircutting Process

The finger placement is crucial in order to achieve consistency in men’s haircuts. The finger placement is critical to ensure the haircuts are balanced. This method can be done in two ways:

  • Cut the hair above the fingers

This is the most comfortable and ergonomic way to hold your hair. The best barber will hold your hair between the middle and pointer fingers. The pinky finger helps stabilize your hair section. It rests on your head with the palm facing down.

To cut hair, the front part of the scissors should be used. You might lose control and end up cutting your fingers.

  • With the palm facing up, cut the hair

This method involves cutting the hair in the palm of the barber’s hand. It’s used to trim the bangs, horizontal layering, the perimeter of longer hair.

  • Scissors Over Comb Haircutting Trick

This technique requires that the scissors and comb move in the same direction.

  • Begin by tamping the hair and removing the bulky top part.
  • The barber should be able to see the entire head better by standing on either the right or left side of the client and shaping the bottom half.
  • The scissors will be held by the dominant hand and the non-dominant. The comb is used to lift the hair one section at a while cutting the other. For a smooth and consistent end, it is crucial that the scissors blade moves while cutting each section of hair.
  • To maintain consistency, the comb should always be at the same distance and angle.
  • As your barber works on his haircut, he will use the same technique on other areas of the hair.
  • Clipper Over Comb Haircutting Process

This technique uses a clipper as well as a comb. The sizes of the comb will vary depending on what type of hair is being cut. A large clipper comb can be used to control large amounts of hair. Finer teeth are best for picking up hair close to the scalp.

  • Use the less dominant hand to lift the hair at a 90-degree angle using a comb.
  • The dominant hand will now operate the clippers, cutting the hair protruding from the comb’s teeth.
  • The comb should be angled to create a tapered effect. After trimming the ends, the barber can adjust the comb angle to control the length of the hair.
  • The hair can be cut section by section by the barber.

If the technique is used on wet hair, it can often result in an uneven cut. This technique is best done with slightly damp hair.

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