Man Hair Styles - Scuba

Hello fellow hair enthusiasts! Been a while since the last blog so lots to report on. As the time has passed so have the seasons. We are now looking at trendy summer hair either stuffed under baseball caps or shaved off entirely. People are opting for the quick and easy short back and sides instead of taking the time to style it. Given the summer heat, sweat, sand and surf it’s no surprise why really. Have you ever caught yourself staring out through a window to get a reflection of yourself? Check your hair maybe? Straighten your shirt? I have. I find more often than not it happens more in winter, with the cold breeze ruining time spent in the bathroom. To be fair I keep my hair pretty low maintenance due to an active life style but doesn’t mean I want it to look bad. I did find myself fixing my hair in the window of a local car window tinting shop of all places. It got me thinking? Would it be easier to just shave my hair for Summer?

As I mentioned, I am quite active. Surf, Scuba, Hiking, Dirt Bikes…you name it, my hair cops a hammering. Generally it’s fine, brush it aside and rip the helmet back on but still in those breezy moments it would be fair easier for the standard ‘Number 4 all over please’ than trying to look the part with slightly longer hair. I want to through this one out there for all of our readers, what style are you supporting at the moment and do you change it for Summer? Do you prefer to keep it the same and just wear a hat? Or do you still spend those few extra moments in the bathroom going for that perfect curl of the fringe?

Feel free to comment below and lets get the debate going!! Or if you want to contact us feel free. Scan our page for more Hair Style blogs.

Until next time!