Fashion Slippers

Fashion Slippers?

Hi Again

Well today I thought I would bring up a topic that sits quite funny in the ole tummy when it comes to fashion and what lengths we will go to when heading out into the public arena. Especially when the winter months come along!

The European fashion is always a world leader and over the times we have seen some crazy designs along with some elegant ones. There was a period when celebrities posted up animal furs which wore is fair share of criticism. Australia will usually follow the overseas markets and with the bigger countries on the opposite whether paths often see designs flow through form theirs winters, straight into ours. But what if the fashion starts from down under or even our cousins in NZ?

Yes, you may have mentioned it under your breath, UGG BOOTS !  The good ole ugg boot which some sites will tell you originated out of Australia and then quickly mention New Zealand, were known in my family as the slipper. Cold nights or early morning swims would almost always see the hands reach out for the woolly slipper to keep the toes snug and warm. It has been reported as the name came from the term “ugly boot ” which would probably describe my pair very well come the end of winter. Thank fully completion came in and the price of the fashionable slipper started to slip. Of course the power of the internet and wonder of online shopping helped with sites like amazon and Ebay! But could it ever be worn as a fashion statement?

Well they have had their run a few times in the world of fashion but quickly seem to disappear. Having said that, Eva Longoria has recently been reported to have pranked Victoria Beckenham who is rarely seen in any shoe without a heal. With names like that wearing the sheepy shoe, maybe we might just see another run.

I think it will always been the home slipper even though they designs continue to develop and try very hard to make it a fashionable object. I know it getting colder each as we lead into winter months and I know what i will wearing whilst chilling on the couch most evenings. Yep, my slippers !