Business around town

Business around town

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Well, this week we will touch on fashion and who is have a good hair day and have a look at some local business that are shaping up good for the summer months ahead.

Well it’s hard to look past local boy Chris Hemsworth especially when he has a new movie coming out The Huntsman: Winter’s War in cinemas very soon. The summer bay boy has been quoted as saying it’s hard to balance wife, kids and family when you’re on the road making swillions of dollars a day with gorgeous girls around your feet all day long. I am sure his misses the family but at the end of the day, they will be eating tonight will all that dough coming in.  Hard to see this man having a bad hair day. Is there even one out of place?

Staying with local, big shout out to the boys at perth solar power installations who came in last week to show off their new range. Now talk about some real man hair. Not sure what it is about these big bully blokes climbing all over the roof putting in glowy solar thingys but man, there was some great looking hair between them.

We are coming into the winter months in the lovely old western state so we are hoping to finally start to see some ripping fashion, more of the man beards and something else rather than a pair of shorts, a favorite tee and thongs. 

We can hardly wait to report on all that’s fashion, business and local -of course.

See ya soon





Welcome to our humble blog site about Fashion, Man Hair styles and everything in and around Perth WA.

All the fashion, good and bad hair days, beards and the right people around town always seem to come from the eastern side of Australia so we thought it’s about time we had a blog site on everything Perth.

We are not about gossip or stories that just aint true. We are simply a blog side that wants to report on anything to do with fashion, men’s fashion, the latest on beards and man hair styles and really anything to do with Perth Western Australia.

We want to look at big business, local business and what is trending in Perth. We don’t care what type of business, we just want to know and talk about all things good and happening in Perth -Today. 

So over the coming weeks, months and even years, we will report and talk about anything we think is worthy of a mention. It may be what styles people are wearing to the favorite balls or gala events, the accessories they have with them right down to the phone and phone cover. We don’t care if its big business around town, or if it’s the local butcher, accountant or even a handyman with his own local franchise. 

So follow our blog and we will keep you up to scratch on what is taking place in sunny Perth, Western Australia


See you all soon.